Creativity and design have an infinity of branches in which it is possible to work, in this opportunity we explore the world of 3D and we invite artists who have found a way to express themselves in this area; they also tell us about their own personal experience.

Without a doubt, 3D has changed in recent years thanks to technological evolution and increasingly accessible digital tools. Every day we see new artists making inroads regarding colors, shapes and concepts; looking for their own identity that leads them to innovate and inspire others.

Today we present a series of artists who share with us how they discovered their passion for the area. We invite you to learn their stories and perhaps find that spark to get started in 3D.

Jimmy Palacio

Two years ago this artist found his inspiration in 3D to take his work as an illustrator to another perspective, experimenting with new processes to find the perfect expression of his imagination. He began his studies in advertising and ventured into photography and filmmaking, but he claims that he always had that interest in illustration, but it was not until after a year and with the influence of: “Pencil bandit”, “AlexandrenArt”, “Tomasz Kaczkowski” and Iván Mayorquín from Pictoline, who made the leap to illustration.

Now he seeks to transform his illustrations and his taste for isometric design into his own line that allows him to incorporate all his knowledge in transforming 3D into a clearer expression of its quality and originality.

Milla Ódor

Specialized in advertising and branding; with knowledge in photography, illustration and 3D. A year ago, she participated in 36 Days of Type, delving further into CGI experimentation. She has self-taught more advanced knowledge in the area, resulting in an explosion of forms and concepts.

Her works represent forms that she finds in the environment, which relax and lead the observer to see things differently. Milla pushes her own limits by creating daily to develop through her designs.

Guille Llano

After arriving in Madrid in 2007 where he studied Technical Architecture at UPM; discover advertising, audiovisual production and design. As a result, he decides to take some classes and be self-taught to learn more about 3D. After finishing his career and after working for two years as an architect, for Guille it was time for a break and he embarks on running his own art gallery. This ecosystem led him to meet illustration and motions graphics

Right now we can see their work collaborating with different brands and expressing their ideas in different projects. He works as animation director for JCG Studio and at the same time as a freelance.

Carlos Antón

In his childhood he loved to create and draw what came to mind, despite having the spirit of transmitting his creativity; he decided to study Business Administration and Marketing at university.

After learning the basic tools of digital design he worked as a designer in a marketing department in Valencia and this led him to find Behance and that is how he discovered the works of TAVO, Buck, SerialCut and for him it was opening up to a new world in expression graph. 

Then he makes the decision to leave everything to travel to Madrid to study a course in Art Direction and Motions Graphics. All this effort led him to be part of the studios: Kutuko and SerialCut. His works are a reflection of the inspiration he gathers from positive feelings, surrealism, Fauvism and contemporary art. As well as everything that can inspire him, like nature documentaries, science or a cartoon shows like Rick and Morty.

“The conclusions that I draw as an artist are that, although I draw and plan some of the things that I am going to render, what I like the most is to go to the unconscious and improvised. As a 3D designer, I am clear that what I prefer is to do the design or art direction of a project but I have also done a lot of animation, something that should show more in my personal projects and I want to get more of that in the future “

“The future, nobody knows what it will bring but it seems that the freelance era is here to stay and that gives us time and capacity to continue learning in a self-taught way. Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality, Real-time Renders, 3D printing, add to everything that 3D has always been able to contribute to design: product visualization, architecture, sculpture, interior design, animation, video art, projections … even emulate traditional photography and filming in many cases. The possibilities are endless. I consider that I have just arrived and I still have a lot to learn. ”

“I guess that’s why I fell in love with 3D, it is science and art, there are no limits, always something to discover.” -Carlos Antón.

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