Aleksandra Onipko, an architect by profession but illustrator with an artistic essence by nature; she presents a multifaceted expression in terms of forms and concepts within its illustrations, which range from perfect technical drawings, to free figures that play in their own space, representations of media individuals or movie characters. Without a doubt, its creative space becomes a box of surprises that is worth discovering.

Hi Aleksandra, please tell us more about yourself.
Hi! It Is hard to answer on the first try how I am: architect or illustrator. My professional way as an architect is much longer: I studied at the university for 6 years, then worked as an architect in large architectural bureau for 6 years, designing residential buildings.

On the other hand, I started drawing much earlier than designing) But at first it was unconscious, like all children do. Illustration was like a parallel line, which suddenly started to cross everything else. First time for myself, then for friends, later for commercial orders. My works is a journey of intuition, in small steps, with long breaks.

Which was the first element that took you to get interested for illustration, and what it keeps you exploring in this field right now?
In the beginning I loved to draw faces, always female. I paid attention to details, but always wanted to show more than just a face, it was a story always.

Now it is more often about a collective character, I’m not afraid to draw a figures and body movements, more dynamics.
Woman and feminity images are forever my favorite themes. I want to show us strong and independent.

Which motifs, concepts or elements inspire you to illustrate?
I am inspired by events and people around: films (sometimes trite like Wes Anderson) or even politics (like president of me country). If you have the means to express yourself, and if you have your own opinion you have to visualize it. Each illustrator has a great power of creativity, but we need to find the right vector.

Did you always wanted to work in the creative field?
Definitely, yes.

In your published work, we can observe different kinds of amazing illustration and styles, where you even mix some of your architectural drawings with freehand illustrations. What leads you to this versatility?
I think this is a reflection of my professions. sometimes you don’t want to choose and you start mixing all the ingredients. In architecture it all starts with a freehand sketch, which looks like a real magic: light lines can remain on paper forever, or they can turn into a city object. I like experiments, it’s not possible to understand what is really yours until you try it, that’s why I tried different styles

Which elements of your personality are defined in the aesthetic of your illustrations? 
I don’t want to let too much into my life (less stuff, less strange projects or strange people). Now I’m trying to transfer lightness in my last illustrations: 2-3 colors, simple shapes. Less is more.

Do you have other passion beside architecture and illustration?
I was fond of ceramics for two years. I had my own muffle furnace and a potter’s wheel. Made plates with city maps (hello to the architecture again)  I tried it and I realized that this is a great way, but not mine. But I still save some pictures with the ceramic dishes.

Click here to see Aleksandra Onipko ceramics.

Can you recommend us a book, serie or movie? I am in love with Isabel Huppert. 
Especially not the most popular movie with her:  Copacabana (2010).  The main character inspires me, she is not afraid to live.

See more of Aleksandra’s work here>
Images courtesy of Aleksandra Onipko

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