Want to collaborate? How to present an article?

Conceptual proposals should be sent directly to Black Mamba for approval before the publication.
All articles have to include high quality images and should be created by yourself to be incorporated into the article. Is possible we don’t make use all the images sent.
Minimum number of words: 500
Sent all the conceptual proposals to infoblckmamba@gmail.com (For more information contact with us)

How to collaborate with an editorial?

As a collaborator, all images or work sent for any Black Mamba edition should be created by yourself, being also you the owner of the author rights. If an editorial is involved with any problem linked to author rights due to referred at the previous text; it’s eligibility would be cancelled. You will be responsible for all the legal consequences under any circumstance, independently if Black Mamba is conscious or not of the publication

With the purpose of achieving a better page design, Black Mamba also include the right to use, amplify, reduce and/or cut the original image.

Sent all the concept proposals to infoblckmamba@gmail.com (for most information, contact with us)