Visual language, is a beautiful dialect that few can express. Christoph Zoubek is a german medical student who find in photography the ideal counterweight to his studies. Today, he show us their photographs marked by the naturalness in the moments inmmortalized, and the inmmersed beauty in an intimate context that it can be read in many ways.

1. First thing you look further before taking a photography?
Before starting to shoot I try to get a sense of the person in front of the camera. So usually I take some time for a coffee and a little talk.

2. What do you think the viewer can feel and understand at the time of watching any of your photographs?
I guess this depends totally on the viewer and his own background and experiences. I don’t necessarily try to evoke certain feelings so there is always enough space for interpretation.

3. Which element is present in the female beauty that you find so attractive to  photograph?
Sometimes I pose myself this very question. And there’s is no definite answer. But it certainly goes beyond external beauty. Certain attitudes can also be very attractive and tend to slip into the final pictorial result.

4. There is any connection between your passion for medicine and photography?
Unfortunately not really. I consider my photography as a creative balance.

5. Most memorable moment with photography you had:
There are quite some memorable moments. I have for example really fond memories of a shooting in an abandoned village in the Caucasus mountains with my friends from Georgia.

Fotografías gracias a Christoph  Zoubek