Sequel Seat is a design developed by Benjamin Hubert from LAYER, an experience design agency in conjunction with a leading US-based cinema seating company. The design process was in progress for 14 months before the pandemic. However, with the arrival of Covid-19, the company went into suspension of payments due to the closure of cinemas around the world. LAYER retained the intellectual property and continued to work on the project, believing that a new approach to cinema seating would be critical to the recovery of the industry as it is currently predicted that the global box office could lose around US $ 10,000. million due to the pandemic.

As a result, a seat is obtained for the safety of visitors, which adopts important advances in terms of order and hygiene within movie theaters; among its main characteristics are:

  • Each headrest has integrated LEDs that display the seat number and the name used for the booking. This not only minimises the risk of audience members accidentally breaching social distancing measures by sitting in the wrong seat, but also makes the moviegoing experience a more personal one.
  • The 3D-knitted fabric upholstery incorporates antibacterial copper threads and is seamlessly woven to eliminate crevices that may act as dirt traps. In addition, the durable, hydrophobic, stain-resistant textile has been tested for resistance to water, soft drinks, popcorn grease, and sweat, and can be easily wiped clean should spills occur.
  • The softly cocooning seat has removable protective screens that safely separate audience members. In times when strict hygiene measures are no longer necessary, this screen can be easily removed.
  • In the armrest between each seat is a storage unit for bags and jackets which keeps belongings out of the aisle to reduce trip hazards in the dark. An innovative built-in UV light sterilises the belongings when they are placed inside. The rear of each seat also features a UV light that is used to sterilise the seat behind it in between screenings.
  • Personal speakers are integrated into the headrest of each seat, creating an unprecedented immersive audio experience for viewers and elevating the cinema experience above what can be achieved in the home.
  • The armrest of each seat features an intuitive control panel that allows users to easily control the recline, lumbar support, and seat temperature, and call for assistance. This allows moviegoers to craft their own
  • unique experience to give them an exceptional level of physical and emotional comfort.
  • The entire seat reclines or fully extends using a sophisticated powered mechanism, which also offers adjustable lumbar support. In the fully reclined position, the front of the chair lifts up to comfortably support the viewer’s legs.
  • The rear of each seat features a coat hook to help keep circulation paths clear.
  • The swivelling polymer table – which features a cup-holder dish and space for food – is super smooth to ensure it is easy-to-clean.
  • All electrification is located in the seat, rather than the floor, for simplicity and cost-efficiency.

Without a doubt, in a world destined for change, the most important thing is evolution and the power to adapt to change.

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Images and information courtesy of Layer Design

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