We had the opportunity to talk with Esther Bellepoque; a photographer and lover of details, which work can transform in images those moments that deserve to have a space in our minds. There is no need of words to admit that her work is able to tell stories and at the same time delight the human eye.
Established in London; she transport us to monochromatic worlds with accents of color, images treated carefully to make each detail an element that nourish every concept behind.

1. How would you describe your first approach to photography?

At the age of 19 I started a 2 years course of audiovisuals because at the time I didn`t know what I wanted to do as a career. I studied piano in the conservatoire for 9 years but I didn’t want to carry on professionally, so I was looking for alternatives.

The first year of this course was only focus in photography, as soon as I took my first photographs I knew this was the path I wanted to follow and explore.

2. Any other passion you have and combine with your work in photography?

I feel big passion for interiors and the set design takes a very important role in my photography. For me, the space set the mood of each project and I like to get very involved in its process. Of course, every element is important in an image, but I find that color and texture within the space are very powerful tools if you know how to apply them.

3. Constant and remarkable element of inspiration for you:


4. Photography is a way of visual communication, but what would your photographs say if their able to speak?

They would speak about the past, about relationships, they would refer to painters and composers, states of mind, insolation, and over all about memories of the things that happen and did not happen.

5. Best advice you have for young amateur photographers?

  • Firstly read and study the history of photography, where is all coming from and who were those who made a mark along the way and why.
  • Don’t limit yourself using just one type of camera or printing process.
  • Experiment with all the options we have to help you find your own vision and voice.

Imágenes gracias a Esther Bellepoque