Javier Torresis a mexican graphic designer who came to 3D modeling through his interest in learning and although he does not dedicate himself 100%, his work is purely inspiration, transporting us with an ease to imagine and believe in a world full of textures, colors and lines.

Hi Javier, tell us a little about yourself and how you get to the 3D world

Hello, my name is Javier Torres, I am 28 years old and I am from Monterrey, Mx.

I am a graphic designer, and my experimentation with 3D modeling stems from my desire to learn something else, a nearby design area. At the beginning it was between learning programming and thus being able to design and program a web page. But honestly it was not as fulfilling as the design itself and I began to see that 3D was growing in such a way that I was investigating it more and more through tutorials on YouTube and some online courses.

What was your initial idea when you started with 3D? At what point do you decide to dedicate yourself to this completely?

My initial idea was just to have it as an extra resource to be more prepared in the workplace. Actually, I am not completely dedicated to 3D, although I do freelance projects and work for a well-known mockup website, I also work in a branding agency, (in fact, I like branding and 3D equally).

How would you describe your aesthetics regarding 3D design?

I think the aesthetics or the style I am giving it according to the project and the inspiration at the moment, I do not like to pigeonhole myself in a style 100%. Personally, I do not like the idea of always doing the same aesthetic or having the same style, I think it is more an inspiration that comes by seasons. I like to move from time to time and keep learning something new so as not to fall into that comfort zone.

What kinds of things creatively nurture you and what do you do to stay inspired?

Definitely see what’s trending in digital media, Instagram, Pinterest, design websites. The world of 3D and design in general is a job where you can’t drop your arms and stop learning, that’s why I always try to read at least one or two articles about design every day, you don’t necessarily have to talk about 3D.

What plans do you have? Any new project or what would you like for the future?

Keep learning, keep improving, I feel that this has only just started in a more professional way. I would like to learn more about motion graphics applied in 3D, maybe take a master’s degree to create my own agency in the future.

And finally; recommend us a movie, a serie and a book:

Film: One of the last ones I saw, it could be “The Irish”. I am more of watching series than movies.

Series: Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are my favorites.

Book: For me it is a very essential book and one that has helped me the most. “Color Psychology” by Eva Heller.

Images thanks to Javier Torres

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