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GO is the first 3D printed wheelchair, designed by Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer and created in collaboration with Materialize, world leaders in 3D printed software and solutions.

Its design is the result of intensive study with wheelchair users and medical professionals conducted by Layer over a six-month data collection period as part of a two-year development cycle. During this time, the study investigated how to remove the stigma associated with wheelchairs as medical devices, and instead create a more human-centered vehicle to improve the everyday lives of users.

The GO wheelchair consists of two custom 3D printed elements, the seat and the footwell, combined with various standard GO wheelchair components.

Layer has also designed a mobile app to accompany the GO wheelchair, this allows users to participate in the design process by specifying optional elements, patterns and color combinations to suit a broader set of needs and wants.

Once the information has been recorded and users have specified optional items, the order is placed through the GO app. The chair can be manufactured and delivered in two weeks instead of the 6-8 week lead time that a custom wheelchair usually takes

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Images courtesy of Layer Design

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