From Argentina; Cynthia Nudel allow us to enter into her creative universe, where she is able to portray her art with different techniques, but it is thanks to nature where she enter into a new discipline: textile dyeing. Each of this pieces represent an amount of the artistic and sentimental benefits nature gives to her. 

We invite you to follow her story and the way she teach us to create without labels and enjoy the creativity world without ties.

Hi Cynthia, tell us about yourself.

I am from Argentina but I have been living in Spain for about 20 years. My field is visual art: I do photography, painting, collage, sculpture, textile art … I am a self-taught person and I am fascinated by learning new things. I dedicated myself to the art world for several years until I realized that this type of life no longer interested me. What I needed was to create, materialize my ideas taking them to a more functional context, such as fashion or decoration. I recently discovered the world of natural dyes and pigments, in which I am totally focused right now. It has opened up a world of infinite possibilities for me to develop all the disciplines that I am so passionate about. I not only enjoy creating but also sharing my process and teaching other people to develop their creativity.

On your website you describe yourself as a creative. Did you always know that you wanted to dedicate yourself to the world of creation or how it was the process to reach your balance?

I consider myself creative because I do not like to put labels on myself, since I governed myself by my creative need rather than by a specific discipline. I like to constantly try new ways of doing things and this is something that I have always practiced. I never thought consciously about dedicating myself to the world of creation; it was something that was always there. Even when I started going to university, I kept combining my career with artistic activities. Later, this began to gain more weight than university studies and that’s when I decided to turn all the attention to my creative part. It was always a necessity, an impulse, something that I can’t stop doing. Obviously there are complicated moments sometimes, but it was always clear to me that this was my thing.

What if you weren’t living from creativity? what would you do?

It is a difficult question to answer because I think that you can be creative in any profession, even if you do not have a direct relationship with what is strictly artistic. Furthermore, I consider that dedicating yourself to an artistic profession does not guarantee that you are creative. You may be very good with the technique but you don’t have something new to show, that you don’t express your individuality. Answering the question, I think I would be good at being a detective, tennis player, or gymnast.

Your work is full of emotions and sensations. How did the idea of ​​communicating through pigments come about?

The thing about natural pigments arose when I started living in nature. I had ever seen things related to that world but I did not give them too much importance. However, after being in a natural environment all those things came back to my memory. It was the right time and place. It was then that I began to investigate natural dyes and pigments and was captivated. The fact of being able to create my own colors extracted from nature, take advantage of existing resources, experiment, create my materials and tools with my hands … is something magical; so I decided that I wanted to share my discoveries with others through my Instagram account. I didn’t do it intentionally, it came naturally. I am always guided by my intuition and curiosity, so when something interests me, I go for it. Let’s say I try to think as little as possible and do things on impulse. Over time everything was taking shape and right now I am immersed in the creation of paintings that I paint with fabrics dyed with natural dyes. I am also developing a fashion and decoration collection for which I use different techniques related to natural pigments. At the moment, most of the images that I show on my Instagram are about the process, but soon I will share the final result of what I have in my hands. I always liked to communicate not only the results but everything that is not usually seen in the creative process.

Nature plays an important role in your work. How did this connection come? What does nature bring you on a personal level?

It was pure chance, something that I did not look for but arose when I started living in the middle of nature. I was always be a city girl, but I got tired of that lifestyle and the opportunity came to try the experience of living surrounded by mountains. And this experience changed my life in many ways. In addition, I also realized that, unconsciously, nature was always present in all my previous works. Natural pigments have helped to close that circle and make that connection with nature even stronger. I have realized that it is a world of infinite possibilities and that it totally fits my way of working and my passions: my fascination with color, experimentation, craftsmanship, finding beauty in the imperfect … Both pigments and Nature itself has brought me many lessons, such as being more patient, respecting times and rhythms, not forcing things, the value of simplicity. They bring me calm, well-being, quality of life, inspiration … For me it is a whole philosophy of life.

Tell us about your creative process. Do you have any ritual when creating and how do you avoid the creative block?

I don’t know if I could call it ritual but I usually start an idea or project starting from something that strikes me, such as a material, a technique, a discipline … and from there I look for references and inspirations and keep them in a folder . Then I start making connections, combinations, I give them a shape while I take everything to my field. And I also try to get carried away by what is emerging. I like to experiment, work with my intuition and surprise myself by creating something that logically would have been impossible to reach. And with regard to creative blocking, I think it is impossible to avoid it because it is natural and it is also very necessary, it opens your eyes. Although it goes wrong, you finally realize that all that process was worth it, that’s why you have to see it with good eyes and not as a kind of monster. I think that the way to overcome the blockade is to be aware that it is necessary and enriching to go through it. And do not stop looking, trying different options, giving yourself your time but always from the action, without letting it paralyze you.

What does Cynthia do when she is not working?

I love to walk with my dog in nature, it could be in the mountains that surround my house or on the beach to walk on the sand. I love the antique traces; they are very inspiring places and I always find something that brightens my day. I also like to visit new places, the important thing is to change the air from time to time. Besides I love to read, watch documentaries, movies, series … and have deep and interesting conversations with my partner, friends or family. And, of course, playing with my dog.

To finish, could you recommend a series or a movie that we don’t have to miss for anything in the world?

One of my favorite series is without a doubt “Mad Men”. And as for movies, more than one in particular I recommend a Swedish director named Roy Andersson. He is most of the most, a true genius, and all his films are works of art.

Images courtesy of Cynthia Nudel

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