With a curious look through the image; Viridiana tells us about her beginnings in the world of photography. Her work reflects the connection she felt for creation since she was a kid  and it is through this field that she now creates stories that tell us about her passion for portraits and expressions.

Hi Viridiana, tell us about yourself and how you enter to the world of photography

I am a photographer, I was born in Mexico City and from a very young age I was interested in the world of plastic and visual arts, especially painting. During my childhood I was very curious and I was interested in seeing and learning everything related. As time went by and I had to choose my career at university I decided to study architecture, however after a few months I realized that it was not really my thing and I decided to change to design and visual communication, it was here during the first classes where we saw  a documentary about the life of the photographer Tina Modotti, in that moment I felt an immense attraction to this field and just at the same time, I started working in the laboratory and darkroom. I was totally fascinated by everything I was surrounded with photography.

Do you remember your first camera and how it got into your hands?

I remember that when I was a child I played with my dad’s camera, it was a camera for vacation trips and my dad used to leave it to my brother and me to play with. I really don’t remember the model, because we were very young.

The first personal camera I had was a Canon semi-automatic analog camera, with this I started taking my first black and white photographs. Now I no longer have it with me because it was stolen years ago, but I have good memories with it.

When did you consider dedicating yourself to this professionally?

It was something very organic that occurred naturally, when I finished university I started working as an assistant in an advertising photography studio and of course the idea of dedicating myself to this always passed through my mind, but also at that time I wanted to study and work outside of Mexico and in the end things were happening. One thing led to another and one day I realized that I was 100% in this profession.

Why editorial photography? What is hidden in this world?

Throughout my life I have had the experience of moving in different fields of photography (especially at the beginning) and making portraits is undoubtedly the area that I enjoy the most, both because of thinking, imagining and building an image (previous shooting) as well as the interaction that exists with the people I work with. Being able to meet and work with so many interesting and creative people seems incredible to me, together with the intimacy and strength that can be achieved in a photograph and that this can be reflected in an image is something that amazes me all the time.

During the time you have been in the world of photography you have already collaborated with many editorials, how has this experience been?

Most of the time they have been very good experiences and even when it seems not, I have always been able to learn something new. However, when my perception of working with magazines changed a lot, it was when I was a photography editor for Marie Claire Mexico and Latam. It was an incredible opportunity that I really enjoyed and that allowed me to better understand the workflow, the requirements, and the work times of editorial photography.

And about inspiration, what are your influences? 

Although I have photographers and artists who inspire me, I certainly believe that my inspiration and influences are found in everyday life: in the people I meet, the places I visit, the books I read and the movies I frequent, etc.

What do you prefer? Planning or improvisation? or depends on the moment

It depends a lot on the intention of the photograph that I am looking for, however, within the projects that I do, there is always a clear guide or idea in my mind, that during the shooting I can have improvisational parts and that is where unexpected and magical photographs can appear, but for this to happen I always have a clear idea initially.

How do you see photography in the future?

Changing, ephemeral and increasingly democratic (almost all of us today have a device with which we can take pictures).

An enormous amount of images are produced daily, most of them disposable or inconsequential, I understand that due to the speed of consumption this happens in this way, however it would be worth it (as photographers or image creators) to question ourselves or reflect on the content and value of the images that we are producing.

What projects do you have in mind?

Currently I am working on a series of personal photography, also on editorial and advertising projects and occasionally I have had the opportunity to direct fashion films, which is very striking.

Images courtesy of Viridiana

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