Location: Bansberia, West Bengal
Year of Completion: 2018
Type of Project: Recreational extension of a private residence
Architect’s Firm: Abin Design Studio
Team:  Abin Chaudhuri, Samya Ghatak, Debkishor Das, Jibendra Basak, Debjit Samanta
Photo credits: Ravi Kanade, Abin chaudhuri, Samya Ghatak

House of Sweeping Shadows is a project developed by Abin Design Studio that represents structural and renovation challenges. According to the team, this residence was commissioned by the client with a number of specific requirements as they needed to recreate the aesthetics of an existing residence, but the biggest challenge was that this residence had already started to be built by inexperienced contractors. Therefore, the initial structure was maintained, but important supports were added to it to avoid demolition, but guaranteeing structural safety and marking a difference between the new and the old.

The transformation includes the addition of common areas; like a barbecue station, a gym, and even a small aviary.

“The louvered envelope transforms the simple interiors with minimal furniture and white walls by allowing thin tendrils of light sweep across the daring red floor in mesmerizing pattern and thus an abandoned house is “reborn” as The House of Sweeping Shadows”.

Etapas de construcción

For more information visit http://www.abindesignstudio.com/

Images courtesy of Abin Design Studio

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