Juan Esteban Restrepo @juanesdesigner is a product designer who resides in Medellin; whom in parallel is combining his passion for minimal design and his responsibility with environment to create Me-zeta. An innovative option to place our bicycle inside our house in an attractive and casual way; turning this mean of transport into another exposition object in home.

Me-zeta is designed to being produced it in a hundred percent on a CNC machine with 5 wood axes. Also is designed thinking on it’s easier manufacturing, being able to create a mold from the mother product in wood and then replicate it in concrete, so you can put the product inside or outside home in urban spaces.

About Me-zeta; How it was the way since the idea, until the creation of the new product?

Departing from some requirements I get into the final design, starting to imagine a product from home that broadcasted an innovative factor. Everyday I’m on my electrical bicycle thru the city of Medellin, and I realize that everytime is more people whom is riding on electrical and conventional bicycles too. So when I think in this object, I think in the importance that represent to the develop of the city and the environmental care, sayed object deserves a special place in our home. I’ve started drawing simple ways to hold a bicycle without affecting the aesthetic of our home, always from the minimalism I get into the general idea of Me-zeta, a product made to take part of the decoration of the living room and support for this mean of transport that is changing the way we move.

Which one is the essence of Me-zeta?
The essence of Me-zeta is develop our space in home to involve the bicycle into the decoration. A product that shows and is functional, is a successful product. Me-zeta for being minimalist adds a value to our living room and besides, shows a new way to place a bike. 

Why you decided to work on this project, what is the meaning it has for you?

This project generated in me a sense of responsibility and participation on topics of  climate change and new life styles. I want to contribute with my grain of sand for a better world from the things I can do. Having designed a project that promote this, fill me in happiness and satisfaction. At making our bicycle being able to be part of our home, we are giving a big step into the way of how we move. When we feel proud of this mean of transport and we exhibit it on the living room like part of the decoration in front of friends and family, we’re betting to a most emphatic lifestyle with the environment and our world.

Imágenes proporcionas por Juan Esteban Restrepo