ANOTHER Artist is an art studio founded by John Loke Hodgkins; specializes in architectural animation and product display.

Within its portfolio of projects is MOUNT; a building inspired by the impressive furniture of the designer Tom Dixon, reason that leads to the intention of devising a space that would show the furniture at the same time that it influences the mood due to the architectural angles of the space.

This project was created using 3ds Max for modeling, texturing and lighting of the scene. Presentation of the scene using Corona and Photoshop for post-production.

Project: MOUNT
Office: ANOTHER_A_R_T_I_S_T Architectural and product visual arts studio
Design: John Luke Hodgkins
Render: Another Artist
Project Location: Oslo, Noruega

For more projects created by Another Artist visit: | @another_a_r_t_i_s_t

Images courtesy of John Luke Hodgkins

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