“This is not a bird that flies, but the idea of a bird that flies” explained Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, when questioned about his apparently abstract sculptures: “What they call abstract is the most real, because the real thing is not the outside, if not the idea, the essence of things…”

Based on this line of thought and inspired by the creative values of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, Joel Escalona creates Noviembre; a collection of furniture made up of seats, tables and decorative pieces that seek to explore the form and embody emotions or sensations in objects. Noviembre seeks to attribute these emotions to factors that go beyond the physical appearance of an object and are defined not only by its function or what it does, but also by what it represents.

Manufactured by BREUER, Noviembre is a collection conformed by furniture for contemporary spaces such as tables, chest of drawers and dining chairs, as well as comfortable lounge chairs, console tables and sculptural bookshelves.

Year / 2020
Client / BREUER

Creative Director / Joel Escalona
Project Coordinator / Mariana Loaiza
Design Team / Montserrat Piña & Macarena Esturau
Photography /  Mariana Achach

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