OXALINO Collection

As part of Sight Unseen’s virtual Offsite Online exhibition; Canadian studio Hamilton Holmes presents its latest “OXALINO” furniture collection in New York, created with the intention of taking every detail to the next level.

Functional and durable, this collection is built using the tubular design language of solid wood cylinders and spheres, along with techniques for its proper preservation and is inspired by classical forms, meditation, ancient tattoos, primitive details, popular traditions and in france Giving 7 pieces as purpose that carry a harmony capable of having access to any environment.

“The spiralling pattern is meticulously hand painted with an oxidizing solution on to tannin rich white oak. The wood is then finished with a whitened oil to subdue the painted texture and highlight the natural oak wood grain.

The combination of traditional woodwork and unique decorative process creates furniture fit for collection.” – Hamilton Holmes

You can see the virtual exhibition at Sight Unseen

Photography by Natalie Hayes

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