Sometimes, for us humans it’s difficult to find inspiration behind a taboo concept; especially those that include our own bodies. But in this case, it’s exactly how the Axilla chair was born: The project was made doing a school project by furniture designer Magnus Thy, under taboos as the main subject with the purpose to exhibit it’s design in Milan Design Week.

Magnus: Doing the project, I became interested in how we see our self and what we individually see as taboos. I wanted to challenge the standards of our society in various ways and even break out of my own comfort zone by doing something very different.   

The Axilla Chair is something different. Though the word chair is included in the name it does not fit the usually description of a chair, it is merely an inviting term.

The form is inspired by a fascination of a human body and how we see it as individuals. Sometimes our body becomes a burden because we are subject to its unwanted, though natural biology.

The Axilla Chair is designed to reflect and create focus on some of the negative aspects of vanity, we as humans are inflicted by.

The shape of the piece comes from casts of the human armpit, which is largely scaled into this unlikely furniture. It intends to makes us aware of our natural smell and hair growth, which most of us has experienced as unwanted at times. We use deodorant and other chemicals to cover our odor and shave our body hair to fulfill the norms of our society, but by doing so we harm and kill our useful bacteria´s.

When it was exhibited at Milan Design Week, the chair was enriched with pheromone, which are a natural chemical produced by our body.

The making of the chair was a difficult task. It consists of three kinds of foam and is upholstered with a high quality fabric made of 100% wool from Danish Art Weaving. It does not have any geometric curves or form and had to be shaped by hand and feel. In the end it was only managed due to help from experienced craftsmen. Working together with a lot of different and passionate people while making this chair has definitely been one of the best experiences.

Imágenes proporcionadas por Magnus Thy