Flor Pocasangre @florpo illustrations takes us to a particular universe. Immerse in creation, she is looking to highlight situations and feelings thru characters, she captures all the possible stimulus, creating an universe of connections. Lots of color doses, shapes, mystery and humor. Those are some of the elements taking part in this salvadoran artist.


Wich was your initial idea when you started in the illustration field? In some moment you considered to dedicate completely to it?

When I started with the illustration I just wanted to express my preferences thru something I believed I can do and share it with whom wanted to see it, until the moment a person told me it was always looking for my publications in social network…in that moment I thought: “I think I just can make this for a living”. I still consider it something essential in my life and something I just really want put all my time on it.

What kind of stuff nourish you in an creative way and what do you do to keep you inspired?

I really like to read, it’s one of my favorite hobbies and always keep me creative. Equally, I love music, there we can find a lot of different messages and for the fact that is not a visual (at least you look for the video of each song), I can interpret the messages the way I prefer. I already had the opportunity to create quick sketches from songs or books  but I’m still afraid to show them to my followers.

Also, I really enjoy to investigate about different cultures, especially asiatic culture. I believe they are mysterious cultures, full of color and with different situations from us.

What kind of messages you are trying to transmit with your illustrations?

At the beginning I wasn’t aware of the importance of topics, I was just drawing to enjoy myself. Then, I realized that is fine to illustrate whatever you want, but I also find out the power of an illustration created under a concept and with the emotional connections of people. I really enjoy to draw animals in fun and some kind of unreasonable situations, unrequited love (something that a lot of us had lived) and also draw mysterious situations, uncommon scenes, always inspired in japanese culture.

How is a day in the life of Flor?

I wake up, take a big breakfast (favorite food of the day), read my work schedule of “things to do”, try to complete those tasks as sooner I can, so at the end of the day I can sit on my desk and illustrate a concept I’ve been thinking for at least three weeks. Then eat something, take a break while I’m playing with my dogs and came back to illustrate again. Sometimes I try to learns new things, I’m still learning how to do embroidery and apply watercolor in my drawings.

Now; to conclude the interview, recommend to us a movie, a Tv serie and a book:

Movie: “The Truman Show”

Serie: “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood”


El Hobbit – Tolkien

A clockwork orange- Anthony Burgess

Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones